PrEP Online is more than just a channel for individuals to access PrEP conveniently and affordably. We want to do our part for the community by educating people about PrEP and advocating for its responsible use.

We are proud to list the following members of the community as our PrEP Ambassadors - partners who are passionate about the awareness and use of PrEP in their respective local and international communities. These individuals play a crucial role in educating people about PrEP and its benefits, while combating the stigma of HIV and ultimately eradicating it.

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Being a mid thirties gay male, I thought I knew everything about sexual health there is to know. I only starting using PrEP recently when I had a conversation with a friend about it; until then I had zero knowledge of its existence. This led me to act fast and research something that is so valuable for mens' sexual health.

I'm Benji, a French professional ballet dancer and model based in Madrid, Spain.

While PrEP has made a big difference in the way I think about my sexual health, I think there is still so much more to be done to eliminate the terrible virus of HIV. With better education about PrEP, I'm hopeful that the world will be less afraid of HIV and together we can stop it completely.

I'm an Actor and Dancer and part time model representing a few gay brands. I believe PrEP is important for the gay community and should be easier and cheaper to get from a reliable company.

Education on PrEP is just as important as education on all sexual transmitted diseases, and I'm grateful to help the community with PrEP Online by sharing information on PrEP on all my social media channels.

I’m a graduate student in Upstate New York. I believe that PrEP is a very beneficial tool for sexually-active adults, whether they are a part of the LGBTQAI+ or not. My hope is that PrEP and other HIV-preventive tools becomes more accessible and affordable for everyone, especially for those in developing countries such as my birthplace, Cambodia.

Hi, my name is Karl Bowe, 35, from Manchester. I’m a Crossfit coach and believe in loving a healthy lifestyle - this of course includes sexual health.

I was lucky to get on a PrEP trial while living in the Netherlands. Coming back to the UK, I found it hard to gain access and fund the medication. That’s why I’m a firm believer in the work that PrEP Online is doing. Raising awareness of the drug and how to access it will help many.

I’m a 45 year old builder from Essex and I've been out as a gay man for about 23 years now. Working in a very male-dominated environment, you learn a lot from the typical guy on the street. 99% of them have no idea about HIV or any form of drugs such as Truvada (PrEP) - they are more concerned with getting a girl pregnant than catching any STIs.

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