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COVID-19 Latest Update:

  • Customers in Singapore: We are waiting for HK customs to clear our PrEP, and hopefully can resume shipping this week
  • Rest of World: Shipment has resumed as per normal, but please expect delays – please do not worry if your order is taking longer than usual to arrive; even if tracking numbers take a while to update, based on the orders we have sent out so far, they usually arrive even if they take longer to do so
  • If Tenof EM is out of stock, we might ship you Ricovir EM or Tenvir EM instead – Ricovir EM / Tenvir EM is equivalent to Truvada and other generics, and is made of the exact same ingredients and has the same strength. We would usually consult customers ahead of this, but we want to make sure customers get the PrEP they need as quickly as possible in these extenuating circumstances

We ship the generic PrEP Tenof-EM manufactured by Hetero Labsofficially approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Tenof-EM is equivalent to Truvada and other generics including Ricovir-EM and Tenvir-EM.

For most countries, it is legal to import up to 3 months of PrEP for personal use. We suggest researching about regulations in your own country before purchasing more than this amount to avoid confiscations by customs.

Please note that all prices listed are in US dollars.

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  • 1 Month of PrEP (Tenof-EM, 30 tablets)

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  • 2 Months of PrEP (Tenof-EM, 60 tablets)

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  • 3 Months of PrEP (Tenof-EM, 90 tablets)

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  • 6 Months of PrEP (Tenof-EM, 180 tablets)

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