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PrEP – Are you really having safe sex?

PrEP – Are you really having safe sex?

This week, Steve Hackwell, one of our PrEP ambassadors shares his personal story about PrEP and his encounters with members of the LGBTQ community along with their perceptions on it. Excerpt below – full story in link at the bottom

So you think you’re having safe sex right, but are you really?

As a 34-year-old gay male I thought that I pretty much knew everything about sexual health there is to know, until I went through a messy breakup with a long-term boyfriend who I found out was sleeping with another guy. We never used protection, I completely trusted him with my life and I always said that he would never do that to me. So when I found out, naturally I was crushed and it really made me think can you actually trust anyone 100%? Especially when it comes to entrusting them with your health.

Read the full story here

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