We ship Ricovir EM manufactured by Mylan – officially approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO). Our PrEP has also been tested by London-based 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic to ensure quality.

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Why PrEP Online

Our drugs are sourced directly from manufacturers approved by the US FDA and tested for quality

At just $25 per bottle,  our PrEP is among the cheapest in the market and affordable for all

We offer free shipping worldwide through reputable courier services

What Our Customers Say

"PrEP Online has saved me a lot of time and money - I no longer have to travel all the way to Bangkok just to stock up on my supply."

Arjun Singapore

"I found the process for buying PrEP much easier compared to other websites. The information provided was also very useful when I was buying it for the first time."

Hugh United Kingdom

"Delivery was smooth and fast, and the packaging was also very discreet. I highly recommend this for people who do not have access to PrEP locally."

Kenneth Malaysia

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